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You love events, we love advertising. So we sell tickets to your event while you focus on what you love.

We are a team of skilled digital marketers, funnel experts and loveable creatives. We’re movie buffs, concert goers, escape room fanatics, zoo lovers… You get the gist. We like fun things.

But we like selling tickets to fun things through efficient online advertising funnels even more. And we’re really good at it, too.

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How We Sold Tickets To A Comedy Festival at 29X ROAS

The Comedy at Q festival featured several shows, nine of which we promoted through Facebook advertising.

We started off with a “cold” campaign, which we ran for 26 days altogether. This campaign saw a total ad spend of $1,200, and resulted in $39,743.32 in ticket sales.

Working with a custom audience of previous purchasers and a lookalike audience based off this list, we reached respective returns of 17.31 and 55.20. 

The retargeting campaign, which was launched halfway through the cold campaign, resulted in an extra $4,717.71 in ticket sales, making for a return on ad spend of 14.74.

Here’s exactly how we did it.

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