5 Common Mistakes Most Ecommerce Businesses Make

So you built an ecommerce store… Now what?

Ever wonder why so many ecommerce businesses miss out on their piece of that $55 BILLION Shopify revenue pie? There’s a good chance they’re making at least one of these common mistakes.

1. Less is More (except when it comes to your About & Contact Pages)

Stop. Overcomplicating. Things. 500+ products, Oberlo, Yotpo, video backdrops, social buttons,… None of this stuff is essential to selling a product online.

Take a deep breath and few steps back. There are a million plugins and add-ons for your Shopify store, but here’s the only things you really need to make sales online:

  • a strong, coherent brand
  • a consistent, converting theme
  • essentials such as a Mail After Purchase app, a pop-up app (to build your email list) and an email automation app if you’re not already working from a CRM platform of your own choosing

And one last thing. Don’t forget the importance of your About & Contact page, ESPECIALLY if you’re dropshipping. The About page is the second most visited page on most Shopify stores, because contrary to popular belief, people are STILL afraid of online shopping. So how do you take away that doubt? A few paragraphs about you and your products, and a reliable contact address and custom email address.

2. Branding

Solid & consistent. Your branding needs to be STRONG throughout your entire social presence. If you’re going to be using things like Shopable Instagram especially, make sure there is no disconnect between your Instagram and your Shopify.

Pick a font, pick a logo, use it everywhere.

3. Online Store Theme

Top of the list of mistakes made by ecommerce businesses? Choosing the wrong theme. Do. Your. Research.

While it’s always good to have a nice aesthetic, there’s one thing that is more important in the ecommerce space: driving conversions. Build a landing page that converts.

Make sure your images are optimised for web, make sure your loading speed ALWAYS sits under 3 seconds, and always user test the experience. Try to keep the number of clicks between landing page and checkout under 5.

To see which ready-made, high converting Shopify theme we recommend, download our FREE GUIDE.

4. Social Presence & Social Proof

Always remember that online, the highest currency is social proof. So get working on your social media strategy. Embrace the online presence.

There’s a number of ways to increase social proof for your store, the most important one being reviews.

Review add ons on Shopify or other ecommerce platforms such as Yotpo can really help your store. It’s a simple Jones’ theory. People always go look at reviews to make sure the previous buyers were satisfied. If they got a product they’re over the moon with, the sale becomes 90% easier.

So really pamper your first few customers and make sure they leave positive reviews. How? Well, like with any other online endeavours: incentivise them. Offer them a discount on their next purchase if they kindly take two minutes to write a review about their user experience or their purchase.

5. Strategy & Traffic

95% of ecommerce businesses never make a sale. The sad part is, sometimes they have amazing stores. But there’s no traffic being driven there.

So before you launch, think about this: do you have a social media strategy? A traffic strategy? An optimisation strategy? A scaling strategy? Do you have a funnel in place?

If the answer to all of the above is no, people aren’t going to come and visit your store. There are more than 500,000 stores in over 175 countries and that is on Shopify ALONE. Not to mention Amazon, WooCommerce, Magento, and many more. You need a strategy for people to come look at YOURS.

And more than that, you need to actively seek out the people who need what YOU’re selling.

If your ecommerce business is not where you want it to be, try and identify if you’re making any of these 5 mistakes first, and then get in touch about your strategy.


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