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we run ads.

– Mark Zuckerberg

Our story

Founded in beautiful New Zealand, Eleven Social sprouted out of a love for fun experiences. Out of a background in sales on one end, and experience in digital marketing (Facebook & Instagram advertising in particular) on the other, a joined force in the form of a digital marketing agency specialising in low-ticket events was born.

Movie theatres, zoos, escape rooms, travel agencies, festival organisers and musical theatre companies soon started knocking and we’ve successfully sold their tickets ever since. 

Several years and a relocation to the heart of Europe later, our strategies have evolved along with our agency and social media platforms, and the methods we use (and tweak on a daily basis) now result in some awesome returns (like a 30X return on ad spend for a theatre client using our strategies to sell tickets to their Comedy Festival. Check out how we did that here.)

How we work

Our 4 Step Process

Step 1


In order to tailor our service to your event, your expectations and your goals, we take a deep-dive into your product, your previous sales strategies and (if applicable) previous advertising experiences. Based on our findings, we can identify any bottlenecks and opportunities.

Step 2


Based on our audit findings and your company’s goals and expectations we have a team strategy session. Every strategy is different, as we understand that every event is unique and every business has a different set of core values and goals. We then deliver your custom strategy.

Step 3


In a more granular part of our process, we create a blueprint of your strategy. This maps out everything you need in order to sell tickets at a calculated ROAS. We do this in the form of a multi-level funnel map, detailing everything from your audience strategy to a step-by-step campaign walkthrough.

Step 4


Next, we get to work. We implement everything and take on the management of your accounts as well. Strategy implementation is one thing, but monitoring and optimising campaigns is just as important. Once we’ve hit our target and it’s time for the next step, we start scaling your campaigns.

We have been working with Eleven Social for over a year and each campaign they have run has been a huge success. Ines caters to the specific needs of each event while offering advice on timing, distribution and best use of budget at every step, she makes sure we get the best results for our dollar, always going above and beyond when we have complicated questions or requirements.

Using Eleven Social we’ve had results like we never could have gotten on our own, in some cases up to 30X ROAS. We would highly recommend using Eleven to promote your event, we couldn’t do what we do without them.

Alice, Head of Marketing and Brand Communications

Q Theatre (New Zealand)

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