Copywriting & Brand Storytelling Based on Star Wars

There are millions of lessons to be learned from the Star Wars franchise: do or do not – there is no try, Harrison Ford will be the greatest heart throb that ever lived until he’s at least 147, to name a few, and of course: how to the theory of the Hero’s Journey makes some

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5 Common Mistakes Most Ecommerce Businesses Make

So you built an ecommerce store… Now what? Ever wonder why so many ecommerce businesses miss out on their piece of that $55 BILLION Shopify revenue pie? There’s a good chance they’re making at least one of these common mistakes. 1. Less is More (except when it comes to your About & Contact Pages) Stop.

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Tutorial: How To Build a Canvas Ad

Canvas ads are an amazing way to engage your audience and if you do it right, get them to buy something in the process. At Eleven Social Lab, we love using canvas ads in ecommerce campaigns and event campaigns in particular. You can work off a template and still 50 completely different and personalised canvas ads.

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3 Ways To Fully Explore Gamification

“We don’t control the algorithm” is probably the most common phrase among Facebook marketers. Between CTR’s, CVR’s and CPM’s, there’s only one undeniable constant in Facebook advertising: engagement is the highest currency. And since Facebook is cracking down on what they call “engagement bait”, Facebook marketers have to keep coming up with new and clever

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